Community Standards

We care a great deal about your experience. We believe that if all members observe these simple guidelines we will have a great community.

If you consistently fail to meet our community standards we might have to consider deleting your post. Repeated misuse of the community may result in a ban, the period of the ban will be determined by ADIB staff.

Please don’t:

  • Insult or degrade other users.
  • Post-meaningless questions and answers to cash in the Smart Bonus.
  • Express opinions, which breach common law in the UAE. These include amongst other things: illegal content, hateful, racist, obscene, discriminating or pornographic content as well as false, fraudulent, misleading or other dubious content that is not published within an open and fair dialogue.
  • Offer goods and services of third parties. Please also don't use the community as an advertising platform for your own benefit. TIP: Don’t sell your products here but do use this community build your name by showcasing your knowledge and experience.
  • Register more than once; we reserve the right to investigate any suspicions into users with multiple accounts.
  • Please refrain from discussing spelling and grammar mistakes; these should be ignored unless it changes the context of the message.

These guidelines are not intended to restrict anyone, but to help ensure that we all coexist peacefully in the Community.

Do you have any questions? Please let us know at

House Rules:

Polite and respectful

Exchanges should be open, constructive and friendly. Criticism should always be expressed objectively. The personality and opinions of other users should be respected.

Focus on the result

We embrace diversity and want to work together towards a common solution whilst respecting different approaches.

No politics

Lets keep politics out of the discussion.

Stay on topic

We know that it is easy to sometimes get carried away in a discussion. Let's all make an effort to stay on the topic on hand.

Search and Find

In order to avoid repetition we would kindly ask to first check if your question has already been asked and maybe even answered before you post it.

Please don't duplicate

Please refrain from duplicating questions, suggestions, group and answers. If these are found we will delete appropriately.