1. What is the moneysmart Community?

moneysmart Community is a place for members to discuss financial matters. Members must be a minimum of 18 years of age to register an account.

2. Is there a benefit to the moneysmart Community?

ADIB is the first bank in the region to dispense the distribution of financial advisors. In contrast, it offers its customers a free financial community. Where members can ask Personal Finance Questions, post their Product Suggestions, Review Financial Products, share Saving Tips and their personal experience with other community members. With the introduction of the moneysmart Community, social banking gets more transparent and standardizes quality of peer-to-peer counseling.

3. What's my personal benefit?

Gain insightful financial knowledge from other members experience and experts within a financial field.

4. How do I sign up for moneysmart community?

You can apply by visiting https://banking.moneysmart.ae/registration/signup , fill up your details and you will receive a confirmation message to the email that you have registered on the community. You can then confirm your account and log in to the community! If you have not received your confirmation email to your inbox. Make sure you check your junk email. If you did not receive it at all, please ensure you contact us on customerservice@moneysmart.ae

5. Can I update my email address?

You can only update your email address after activating your community account

6. Do I need to have a smartbanking account to sign up for the community and engage with my friends?

No, you do not need a smartbanking account or any other account to participate on moneysmart community. However, if you want to claim your smartbonus, you will need to have a smartbanking account to which you can sign up to here https://banking.moneysmart.ae/registration/signup.

7. What is the smartbonus Program?

The smartbonus Program is a special offering from ADIB Smartbanking. Customers can get bonus through certain actions that they do on the ADIB Moneysmart community and the execution of financial products and other services. Please note, you must be a fully active Moneysmart community member to start earning smartbonus while you must be fully Active Smartbanking Account holder to receive your smartbonus credited directly to your account.

8. What Moneysmart Activities allow me to earn smartbonus?

The following activities on the ADIB Moneysmart Community are rewarded with smartbonus.

  • Ask a finance question
  • Answer a finance question
  • Add a saving tip
  • Add a product
  • Review a product
  • Add an expert
  • Review an expert
  • Invite a Friend
  • Transfer your salary

9. Does it cost me anything to use the smartbonus Programme?

The use of the smartbonus Programme is free. You do require a working internet connection and be active on the moneysmart community to start earning bonus!

10. Who can participate in the smartbonus Program?

All Moneysmart Community members and Smartbanking customers can participate in the Smart Bonus Program.

11. How can I get credited for smartbonus?

In order to be able to receive smart bonuses you will first need to open a smartbanking account, and then the bonus will be credited into your account.

12. When will I get credited for bonuses?

Bonus is credited by the system within 24 hours of the user’s interaction or at month end for some other type.

13. How can I withdraw my smartbonus balance?

It’s pretty easy! Bonus is credited to your ADIB smartbanking account in the form of UAE Dirhams. You can withdraw from your account via your debit card or use the balance just like you would your other money in your account.

14. Do I receive bonus for recommending friends and family?

Yes, we will credit your account on successful completion of a recommended friend or family once they have successfully opened, activated and funded their smartbanking account. It is important they use the invitation link sent by you without refreshing the application as well as completing and submitting the application within the same application session.

15. Is there a maximum smartbonus that can be credited to me?

Yes, there is a limit to how much bonus is earned each month which can be updated by ADIB smartbanking team without notification to moneysmart. Any change in amounts and limits will affect actions and activities post the change.

S. No Smart Bonus Activity Description Per Activity Monthly Caps
1 Invite a Friend Successfully Invite a friend and if they open a smartbanking account with us and activate and fund it, you will be rewarded for referring them. AED 20 Unlimited
2 Friends' Activities on Moneysmart When your invited friend opens a smartbanking account and they are active on the community you will receive 7.5% of the bonus they receive. 7.50% Unlimited
3 Friends of Friends' Activities on Moneysmart When your invited friend invites a friend and they open a smartbanking account and they are active on the community you will receive 2.5% of the bonus they receive. 2.50% Unlimited
4 Salary Transfer to Smartbanking If you transfer your salary (AED 5,000+), we will reward you for every month that you receive your salary. The salary must be either via payroll, WPS, or salary transfer. AED 5 One salary per month
5 Ask a question Ask a finance question on moneysmart AED 0.50 max. 1.00 AED / month
6 Create a saving tip Create a smart tip on moneysmart AED 0.50 max. 2.00 AED / month
7 Create an expert Create an Expert on moneysmart and get it approved AED 0.25 max. 0.50 AED / month
8 Create a product Create a product suggestion with details about it AED 0.50 max. 1.00 AED / month
9 Anniversary bonus Rewarding your smartbanking relationship annually Coming Soon once a year
10 Answer a question Answer a financial question on moneysmart correctly AED 0.50 max. 2.00 AED / month
11 Rate an expert Rate a moneysmart expert accurately AED 0.25 max. 0.50 AED / month
12 Rate a product Rate a product suggestion AED 0.50 max. 2.00 AED / month

16. How do I recruit friends and acquaintances as participants in the smartbonus Program or for specific products?

Within the smartbonus Program, you will often come across links through which you can recommend friends and acquaintances for the smartbonus Program itself or for specific products and services presented in the conditions of the Smart Bonus Program. Usually this is done in the context of a recommendation through an email message that you send via the smartbonus Programme.

17. How do I receive my smartbonus for recruiting friends and acquaintances and for successful product recommendations?

If a new customer of the smartbonus Program registers over the link on your website or due to your recommendation (forwarding "Recommend a friend" links) or takes out a product or service and becomes fully authenticated, this is stored within the Smart Bonus Program. You will then automatically receive a credit note for all confirmed actions done by the customer gained due to your referral.

The smart bonus is credited directly by the smartbonus system subject to the smart account being fully activated and funded. ADIB at its sole discretion provides opportunities to earn smart bonus. ADIB reserves the right to amend, vary or cancel any activity, amount, action in relation to this smart bonus. The smartbonus is not an integral part of the Smart Account or Smart Banking, and awarding such smartbonus shall not be construed as an obligation on ADIB. In no event will ADIB be liable for any loss or damage including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage whatsoever arising from reliance on any content by ADIB or any third party loss of data or profits arising out of, or in connection with, the use of ADIB moneysmart Community Platform.

18. When does my smartbonus credit lapse?

Your claim for bonuses credited to you remains valid for a period of 1 year from when the claim arises. We will inform you in advance before expiration via email.

19. At what amount can I redeem my smartbonus balance?

Your smartbonus automatically gets credited to your smartbanking Account. If you don’t have one, open one now https://banking.moneysmart.ae/login

20. Can I advertise my business or my friends business on to the moneysmart community?

We want to foster a healthy and meaningful community where we believe we should help live a healthier financial life. Advertising or irrelevant content that defeats that purpose is considered a violation of community guidelines which you can find them here http://www.moneysmart.ae/community-standards. The continuous violations of our community guidelines will result in your permanent account blockage and removal.

21. Where can I find moneysmart articles?

If you are interested in reading or watching our moneysmart articles and videos, you can simply visit http://www.moneysmart.ae/en/Pages/smart_smart-advice.aspx, and you can always discuss your own experience and opinions by clicking on the “Discuss this post” at the end of each article

22. Where can I find moneysmart smartdeals and how do I use the discounts and offers?

You can simply download the smartdeals app in the app store or google play and use your moneysmart credentials to redeem your offers! Visit this link for more details on the smartdeals offers http://www.moneysmart.ae/en/Pages/smart_deals.aspx

If you want the full set of smartdeals, you will need to become a smartbanking customer.

23. What is smartbanking?

“smartbanking” is the first digital Islamic bank in the UAE brought to you by ADIB. This bank is aimed for millennials or anyone who is digitally savvy and wants banking to be simple, friendly and convenient. It has its own social community network, moneysmart, where co-creation and idea exchange is rewarded and financial health encouraged.

24. What does the ADIB smartbanking Account offer?

  • Simple & friendly banking for connected people like you!
  • Simplified, branchless banking with a dedicated online community to keep you up to date and make you financially savvy.
  • Our Express Branches are also available beyond normal banking hours to service you!
  • Personalized financial offers and recommendations
  • Great deals to get more value for money through our ADIB smartdeals mobile app
  • Chances to win amazing prizes through our ongoing campaigns for ALL our account holders!
  • Member Get Member rewards including smartbonus for engagement on the moneysmart community.

25. What is special about this account?

  • Branchless customer onboarding and account opening. Get your account opened online and welcome pack delivered by your Smart Banking Representative. You can also visit an ADIB Express Branch if that is more convenient for you.
  • Smartbanking Account is a Savings Account, available in UAE Dirhams, for Individuals for their personal use.
  • The account has no fall below fees or any minimum balance requirement.
  • What makes it more rewarding is that you can earn profit on your daily balances starting from AED 1. The profit is calculated on daily average balance and credited on a monthly basis.
  • Don’t worry we won’t ask you to maintain a minimum balance but anything that you keep will get you earning profits!
  • Transfer money to friends or family in the UAE by using their UAE mobile number. No need to fill up lengthy forms and details. If you have friends on moneysmart community, you can also transfer to them by using their moneysmart nickname.
  • Transfer your salary to your smartbanking account to earn Smart Bonus. You will also be included in the ADIB Salary Bonus Campaigns where you can earn upto 24 times your monthly salary. Make your salary even more rewarding!
  • 4 cool debit card designs based on your financial personality
  • an exclusive mobile app for your banking on the go
  • Freeze/un-freeze your card online
  • Control your shopping and card limits online

26. What are the contents of the ADIB smartbanking Account Welcome Pack?

  • Personalized Debit Card
  • Debit Card Pin
  • KYC Id Form (just so we can know you better)

27. Who can have ADIB smartbanking Account?

  • You must be over 18 years old and also be a UAE resident
  • You can be a student with a student visa, a housewife with a dependent visa or salaried/self-employed with a monthly income of at least 5,000 AED.
  • You must complete our online registration, which will guide you through the steps we require to confirm your identity.
  • The account is strictly for personal individual use. Commercial use is strictly forbidden and will lead to account termination.

28. Can I open this account if I am an ADIB customer?

If you are an existing ADIB account holder, you can get your ADIB smartbanking Account opened even faster by registering online at ADIB smartbanking website and selecting ADIB Smart Account. After the submission of your account opening form online and accepting the T&Cs, you will be issued an ADIB smartbanking Account. We will then send your Welcome Kit to you or you can collect it yourself from one of our Express Branches.

29. Can I open this account if I am an ADIB Business Banking or Corporate Customer?

ADIB Smartbanking Accounts are for Individuals and Personal use only.
You can open a Smartbanking Account for your personal use by selecting “New To ADIB” at the time of your Smartbanking Account application. You should not use your existing ADIB Business Banking or Corporate Banking ATM Cards/Covered Card/Account Details to sign up. If you use these to sign up, your smartbanking Account will be closed and you will need to re-apply with a new moneysmart Community Account.

30. Do you offer joint accounts?

We do not offer joint accounts, an account can only be held under your own name.

31. In which currency can I have my account?

At the moment only in AED (UAE Emirati Dirham)

32. Do you offer multi-currency accounts?

We currently do not offer multi-currency accounts. Nevertheless, let us know your thoughts and we can look into introducing this on your demand!

33. Which documents are required to complete my ADIB smartbanking Account Onboarding?

During the onboarding process you will be required to provide the following to our delivery team or Express Branches:

  • Original passport
  • Valid Emirates ID
  • Student ID (for Students only)
  • A salary certificate/Income proof to show you earn atleast AED 5000 per month (for Salaried/Self Employed applicants only)

If you do not have these original documents with you, we will not be able to complete your delivery and onboarding. You can request a reschedule once you have these original ID documents with you within 45 days.

34. What if I missed my scheduled appointment with the smartbanking Representative or I want to reschedule delivery?

  • Simply call +97148052444 and we would be happy to assist you with rescheduling on the next available appointment. Please note, only your delivery time and date can be accommodated as part of the rescheduling.
  • Your welcome pack may be cancelled if you have failed to receive delivery within 60 days. If your welcome pack is cancelled and you wish to still to complete your onboarding, please visit one of our express branches. You may be liable to pay for your debit card issuance.

35. What happens if my welcome pack was cancelled and my account was closed?

  • Unfortunately, your ADIB smartbanking account is linked to a unique combination of mobile and email address to create and link your ADIB moneysmart Community Account with your ADIB smartbanking Account. If you wish to re-apply, you will need to provide a new combination of mobile number and email address to create a new ADIB moneysmart community account. You can then apply for an ADIB smartbanking Account.

36. How do I access my ADIB smartbanking Account?

You can access your ADIB smartbanking Account using:

37. Can I access my ADIB smartbanking Account using ADIB Internet Banking or ADIB Mobile App?

You can not access your ADIB smartbanking Account using ADIB Internet Banking or the ADIB Mobile banking App. Please use the exclusive ADIB smartbanking Channels to access and use your account.

38. Can I access visit ADIB Express or ADIB Branches if I need to?

ADIB smartbanking can be fully operated using ADIB Smartbanking Internet Banking or the ADIB smartbanking Mobile App. If you really need to visit an ADIB Branch, you are welcome to do so.

39. I want to receive salary into my ADIB smartbanking Account. What do I do?

Simply inform your HR/Company to transfer to your smartbanking Account using the routing code 405010101 towards Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank. You will need to provide them with the account name and IBAN number that you can easily obtain from your Smartbanking Account Home Screen under the section “Receive Money”.

40. I received money from ADIB smartbanking Account, as well as a notification email. What do I do now?

Follow the instructions given in the notification email:

  • If you already have ADIB smartbanking Account, the transfer will simply show up in your account.
  • If you don’t have an ADIB smartbanking Account please follow these steps:

41. Can I have more than one ADIB smartbanking Account?

No, you can only have one ADIB smartbanking Account at a time. One unique smartbanking Account just like you!

42. What are the daily transaction limits of smartbanking accounts?

  • Daily Shopping/Online/POS limits: upto AED 30,000
  • Daily ATM Withdrawal Limits: upto AED 15,000
  • Daily Bank Transfers/Account Transfers: upto AED 100,000

43. Can I Apply for other ADIB Products?

Absolutely! You are eligible to apply for all ADIB Products and Services. ADIB smartbanking will also offer you with unique personal finance products and services personalized to your requirements.

44. Are there any fees involved when using the ADIB smartbanking Account?

There are no fees involved to open or to register for an ADIB smartbanking Account. Some of the key charges/waivers are as follows:

Charges Description Charges Excluding VAT1

(VAT will be charged @5% for applicable charges)
Account Charges
Smart Banking Debit Card (New Issuance with Welcome Pack) Free
Smart Banking Debit Card Replacement/Changing Type AED 25
Account Closure within 12 months AED 100
Account Fall Below Fee Nil
E-Statements Free
Account Balance Certificate

Liability Certificate

No Liability/Clearance Certificate
AED 50
ATM Charges
ADIB ATM Withdrawal/Deposit

ADIB ATM Balance Inquiry

ADIB ATM Mini Statement

ADIB ATM Utility Bill Payment
Non-ADIB UAE ATM Withdrawals AED 2
Non-ADIB UAE ATM Decline for Insufficient Funds AED 1
Non-ADIB UAE ATM Balance Inquiry AED 1
Using Other GCC Switch ATM

Cash Withdrawal

Balance Inquiry
As per host country system
Using Non GCC ATM Non-AED Transaction Service Fee 1.93%
Copy of Sales Receipt AED 25
Credited to account with ADIB

Paid in Cash at ADIB counter
Paid to Beneficiary account elsewhere in UAE by SWIFT AED 50
Online2 transfers to accounts outside ADIB in UAE using UAE FTS First Online2 Transfer per month is free. Thereafter charged AED 1 per transfer
Branch Transfers / Other Transfers to accounts outside ADIB AED 5
Online2 International Swift Transfers First Online2 Transfer per month is free. Thereafter charged AED 25 per transfer
Transfers to Other Countries AED 100
SWIFT cancellation/Funds recall/overseas inquiries AED 100
Demand Drafts
Issuance to customer AED 30
Payment Order /Manager’s Cheque AED 30
Stop Payment AED 50

For other fees, please visit ADIB Tariff Board for charges related to a Savings Account

1“VAT” means value added tax imposed on the supply of goods or services under the UAE Federal Decree-Law No. 8 of 2017 and the related executive regulations or any similar future tax.
Any payments made by the Customer to the Bank under these Terms and Conditions for products and services provided shall be exclusive of VAT. The Customer shall pay to the Bank an amount equal to any VAT, if and /or when it becomes applicable, in addition to and at the same time as such payments are made.

2Using ADIB Smart Banking Internet Banking or ADIB Smart Banking Mobile App

45. How do I Login?

  • ADIB Smartbanking online banking login requires customers to input his/her user name and password using the link https://banking.moneysmart.ae/login or you can login via the ADIB Smartbanking Mobile App
  • In order to protect your account, the online banking session/access is disabled after three consecutive invalid login attempts to prevent fraudsters from attempting to misuse your username and password.
  • ADIB Smart Banking provides an additional layer of identity authentication through OTP (One-Time-Password) before you are allowed to perform specific task online.
  • OTP is a unique and time-bound code which will be sent via SMS to your registered mobile phone number with ADIB Smartbanking.

46. Why was I signed out?

Long period of inactive online banking session might expose you to online threats. ADIB Smartbanking has considered the below points to keep your account protected:

  • To further protect against unauthorized access to your accounts, our systems are designed to automatically terminate a secure online session if extended inactivity is detected.
  • If your session is left idle a message will pop up after the specified time has elapsed, which will prompt you to either continue or terminate the session.

47. How Can I get my Account Statements?

  • ADIB Smartbanking is committed to provide environmental friendly banking experience and recommends its customers to subscribe for e-statements. All e-Statement data is encrypted during transition.
  • By subscribing for e-statements, you will be able to:
    • Have access to more secure, password protected and paperless account statements on your registered email addresses.
    • You can also download and print your account statement at your ease without any additional cost.

48. Can I get SMS Alerts for my account?

ADIB Smartbanking facilitates customers with an option of enrolling for free SMS services alerts to stay informed when important account information changes or when transactions are made on your account. We recommend customers to use this service to receive timely alerts on their accounts.

49. What if I do not receive my OTP?

We send you your OTP in real time and you should receive it in a few seconds. Sometimes it may take longer due to network delays by your network service provider. You can choose to Resend your OTP if you do not receive it. If you need further assistance from us then you can always call us on 600 524644 and one of our dedicated smartbanking officers will be happy to help you.

50. What should I do if I experience difficulty signing up?

If you experience trouble signing up, clear your browser history and delete all the cookies/cache and then try again. Please note you must have the latest Internet Browser and security updates set up.
If the problem persists please email us at customerservice@moneysmart.ae or call us on 600 524644 and one of our dedicated officers will be happy to help you.

51. I'd like to terminate my ADIB smartbanking account, what do I need to do?

You can choose to terminate your account at any time, without giving a reason. You will need to visit any of our ADIB Express Branches or ADIB branches to submit an account closure request. Please note, you may be liable to pay account closure charges if you are closing your account within 12 months.

52. What happens to my balance following termination?

Once your account is terminated, any existing balance in your ADIB smartbanking account at the time of the end of the contract will be transferred to your specified bank account free of charge.

53. What are the reasons for ADIB smartbanking to terminate my account?

Both parties may close the account if either of them so wishes. ADIB smartbanking shall reserve the right to reject opening and/or closing of any account without any reason and shall have the right to partially close or totally freeze the account whenever legally necessary to guarantee its rights.

54. Want us to add something?

We are listening. Please send us your ideas and suggestions on the moneysmart Community. It’s free and has so much to offer!